22 February 2015

Coolblue Pro

Revolutionary Professional Teeth Whitening At Home

The intelliWHiTE COOLBLUE PRO Teeth Whitening Light System has been scientifically developed to provide much more rapid whitening results in very short treatment periods — without increased sensitivity or side effects. The result is a regimen that only takes five consecutive 5-minute treatments for a total of 25 minutes.

IntelliWHiTE COOLBLUE PRO Whitening Gel contains peroxide which is an oxidizing agent used in most teeth whitening strips and mouth tray systems. To improve on this process, the intelliWHiTE scientists utilized a process called photocatalytic conversion. The COOLBLUE PRO system uses this technique (blue light + an amplifier gel) to break the peroxide into even smaller molecules (primarily hydroxyl ions, hydroperoxyl ions and oxygen ions) each of which have much higher whitening power than the parent peroxide molecule.
This amplification technique is the secret behind the COOLBLUE PRO whitening phenomenon and allows for rapid, virtually pain free, and impressive whitening results. And a complete treatment regimen is five consecutive 5-minute treatments in one day! The COOLBLUE PRO technology uses a precise wavelength of blue light to catalyze the peroxide molecules without using any harmful UV evergy or without heating the pulp of the tooth, both of which can cause tooth damage.
Clinically proven to whiten your teeth 5 shades in a total of 25 minutes.
Does not cause sensitivity to teeth*.
Safe to use on all dental work.
Dentist quality performance.
Faster and less expensive than at the dentist’s office.
Whitens upper and lower teeth at the same time.
Brings crowns, dentures, bonding and veneers back to their original color.
Guaranteed to work or YOU GET ALL YOUR MONEY BACK!

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